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After tackling major rust repairs and chassis trueing we can begin the fun stuff that we've become known for. Custom sheet metal modifications & chassis fabrication is done to start giving the car or pickup its one -off look. 

Once we decide on design elements we can begin detailed disassembly. The body and part's are then stripped by dipping or blasting, providing us with a blank canvas and ability to assess needed repairs. 

We often consult with various artists to put our ideas onto paper so that we can all be on the same page for the overall theme of the project.  

Rocket's Hot Rod Garage specializes in complete turn key custom builds. It starts with the careful planning of specific details with the customer and our crew. We determine the style & parts needed to bring the vison to reality. 


Rods &


During the metal mock up stage we also fabricate fuel, brake & exhaust systems along with other mechanical mock up. We consider a lot of the wiring and final details that will create a smooth assembly process once the car or pickup is ready

for final assembly. 

After the completion of mock up and fabrication the vehicle is completely disassembled again and prepped for final coatings. Parts are then smoothed, final welded & polished. Rocket's relies on industry professionals for custom paint, chrome, powder coating & other custom coatings. Once we receive parts, panels and body back in its final shiny finish, we can begin detailed assembly. 

Near the end of final assembly we turn the vehicle over to a reliable upholstery shop to be equipped with an upholstery that complements the car or truck. During this time glass is installed along with the remainder or finshing touches. After shake down the vehicle is ready to hit the road!

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